Student Resources

For Curious Kids
Find info on things that interest you on INFOhio (get home login/password from ERC aide)

Like to know what's going on in the world around you? Try Time for Kids

Interested in wild and wacky facts? Try World Almanac for Kids

Links for All Subjects

Starfall Reading Resources Grades K-4 literacy activities. “Where children have fun learning to read.”

Websites for home practice

Do you like to do fun things in math, like make geometric shapes? Play games with math objects? Try the National Laboratory of Virtual Manipulatives

Kid’s Section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art - Learn about color, hear Aaron’s Awesome, as well as a long list of other fun games and activites that exposes kids to the exciting world of Art

Parent Resources
Ohio Dept of Education Standards Guides for Families by grade level

Student Achievement Portal achievement test practice

Librarians Index to the Internet - A terrific all-purpose reference tool. Interesting to browse!

Columbus Public Schools Library Media Specialist Linda Joseph & colleagues terrific site to guide teachers on Internet integration. Truly exceptional quality.